$ 22

At PYRITE we start with discussing your aim. We then map your brows to check for symmetry, shape and possible corrections. You will be able to see exactly what your brow artist will be doing. Completely tailored to you and your brows.
We always measure your eyebrows to millimetres to help you achieve that perfectly symmetrical shape. If you have any specific aims such as wanting to grow out your eyebrow arches or thicken the ends. Let your artist know and they will bear that in mind when threading your brows. 

$ 22
Eyebrow Tinting is a painless treatment using dye to tint your brows giving them a thicker and fuller look. A custom blend mixed by our brow artists just for you.

$ 39

Our bespoke brow treatment but instead of tint we use Henna to create that perfect colour. Henna is a plant based brow tint that creates a longer lasting skin stain filling in gaps leaving brows looking lush and full for longer. Henna lasts on the skin for up to 5-6 weeks.


The latest brow treatment taking America by storm! The perfect treatment for anyone whose brow hair is irregular in direction, if there are gaps between hairs or if you want that groomed, fuller, brushed up look. Brow Lamination smooths out your brow hair while also lifting the hair in a more vertical direction giving the illusion of hair growth. This treatment can be customized for a subtle groomed look or full fluffy drama.