PYRITE is THE BROW AND LASH Boutique located in the heart of Vancouver fully committed towards helping people of all gender, race and ethnicity achieve the look that they’ve always wanted from their eyebrows and lashes. Our innovative and proprietary methods allow us to deliver fuller, more natural looking brows and lashes that are supported, lifted, and shaped with the client's desired appearance that could be natural or dramatic. And at the very top of our list remains placing the largest focus on the experience of our clients. Our skilled team of Brow and Lash experts are always standing at the ready to address the needs of each individual client on a personal level – and in fact, this is exactly what allowed PYRITE to grow so quickly. For us, personalized service is always a guarantee. When you walk into our Boutique, you can rest assured knowing that the attention of your expert will be placed on you and you alone because when it comes to your appearance, only you can choose how you want your eyebrows and lashes to look.

Along with our Eyebrow and Eyelash services, we also offer a number of additional Wide Range of Service for women’s and men's beauty and skincare services that include waxing services. Through these services, we provide an end-to-end beauty care solution for today’s women and men who want to gain more control over their appearance. 

It’s All About Beauty - At PYRITE, we’re true believers that every man and woman deserves to not only look beautiful, but to feel beautiful too. For this very reason, we strive to continuously improve our services. Whether through training, innovation, or simply doing our job, we’re always looking to improve upon the work that we do, because we know just how much the end-result means to our clients. And when it comes to our clients, we’ll always promise to do everything we can to guarantee their satisfaction. Trust us, you’ll never see a PYRITE THE BROW AND LASH BOUTIQUE expert let you down.